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Experience the beauty, warm colors, and relaxed curves of unpainted terracotta!

At Terrecottebenocci, manufacturing oil jars, candied fruit tubs, flower pots, planters, urns and other garden ornaments of all shapes and sizes, has been a family tradition for over two centuries.

Terrecottebenocci takes pride in this ancient art.

That is why we continuously strive to design and develop innovative high quality genuine products by utilizing both modern and traditional methods.

In our state of the art factories located in Sinalunga and Lucignano, in picturesque Tuscany, we manually work the clay to a perfect elasticity to make a variety of classical and elegant products.

Rich, warm and functional terracotta decor will add a beautiful, natural feeling to the home and garden of even your most discriminating customers!

For a complete listing of our products, please refer to our catalog.