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What is an orcio?

The orcio is one of the key articles in the production of terracotta pots. It is a kind of amphora, but with a fuller-bodied shape and more ornate decorations. The orcio has a substantial, rotund shape. It is usually characterised by two or more bands embracing its generous belly. There are two handles on the [...]

Ezio Benocci

The Benocci family, owner of one of the oldest companies in the Siena area, has worked in the sector since around the 18th century. From 1840, the company was run by Eustachio Benocci. Later (1912-1945), he was succeeded by Ezio Benocci and his brothers, who went on to produce  vases, grès pipes, siphons, mercury condensers [...]

Conca Limoni

The Conca Limoni style was invented by Stefano Benocci in 1996, with the intention of creating a new model with a strong identity to represent the Tuscan tradition. The lemon was chosen for the decoration, without adding other fruits or flowers. A handsome, sunny fruit surrounded by nothing but its leaves and branches. The idea [...]