Conca Limoni

The Conca Limoni style was invented by Stefano Benocci in 1996, with the intention of creating a new model with a strong identity to represent the Tuscan tradition. The lemon was chosen for the decoration, without adding other fruits or flowers. A handsome, sunny fruit surrounded by nothing but its leaves and branches. The idea of joining lemons together is a classic one: it creates a continuous crown of lemons and leaves.

A pot type whose shape and size was suited to this new festoon was soon devised.  A simple pot with a thick rim, prestigious finishings and a broad base to lend good stability. The lemons are applied just beneath the rim and run all the way around the pot, to give it a unique elegance. The first model has a diameter of 48 cm and was followed, in 1997, by five further sizes: 30, 36, 42, 54 and 60 cm. The S70 and S80 models were introduced the following year.

The Conca Limoni style has been imitated repeatedly through the years, however the original has never been superseded.

Still in production today, Conca Limoni remains a Terrecotte Benocci classic.