The raw material


Our raw material is Galestro.

Galestro is a grey rock that is found naturally in a number of clay sediments in Tuscany, in the upper layers of the earth.

Extracted for terracotta production, Galestro is first ground in mills, then recompacted with water to obtain what we call “galestro clay”.

The properties of Galestro, combined with our skill, gives our product an extraordinary quality component: as regards both the character of its colour, and its resistance to the elements.

The characteristic mottled red colour of galestro clay comes from high-temperature firing and the earth’s natural saline efflorescences.

The other colours available (such as black and grey) are obtained using oxides, without altering the material’s basic properties.

In addition to the undisputed beauty of their colours and finishings, our products boast considerable resistance to even the harshest climatic conditions.